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Retail Experts Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System Warehouse management systems developed at Retail Experts has evolved into one of the optimal business solutions which can efficiently handles the high end warehouse processes.The drastic change in the complex role of inventory management, transportation management, order management and complete accounting systems has been made easy and efficient.

Goods flow from the Warehouse to Stores. The store can also directly be replenished from the supplier’s warehouse. Information will also flow from the store to the warehouse and from warehouse to central office. The entire system is linked to the inventory management system used by the company. The automated reordering levels from store-warehouse and warehouse-supplier will be based on the inventory management system. The system will have a provision to add divisional office (warehouse) and depots (stores) under divisional office as and when the need arises and there is no limit or restriction as such in the software.

Entities in the System are:

  • Central Office
  • Divisional Office (Warehouse)
  • Depots